Why is beyond 4.0 talent a better recruitment choice?

Beyond 4.0 Talent provides effective recruitment solutions by truly understanding our clients’ needs. Extensive IT, Hospitality, Finance experience means that a real understanding of our client’s roles, environment and culture assist us in placing successful Talent time after time.People are our business and all the recruiters at Beyond 4.0 Talent ensure excellent customer care to new Talent on our books and existing Talent in the market. A rigorous, in-depth screening process ensures Beyond 4.0 Talent understands a candidate’s career path and job aspirations.
We do business based on our core passions, which are:

  • We work to match candidates into progressive career moves and meet long term career goals.
  • Beyond 4.0 South Africa’s market position enables us to select the right Talent with access to a large client network to provide them with the right opportunities.
  • We believe our reputation and success is based on our ability to consistently listen, partner and deliver on our promises which brings value to our clients and candidates.


Our footprint enables us to service regions such as Johannesburg, and Pretoria. Our service offering includes permanent recruitment, temporary recruitment services, Ad response handling and assessment and verification services.

Although we are categorised as a generalist recruitment agency generalist, we operate on a specialist desk level. This means that we have network partners that specialize in specific areas and as such they are able to develop expert industry knowledge and build a database of candidates specific to their relevant field.

Areas of specialization include:

  • Office Support
  • Financial
  • Technical
  • IT
  • Senior Management / Executive recruitment
  • Engineering
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Head Hunting

Permanent recruitment

We specialise in sourcing experienced and qualified staff as required by clients. We have a network of recruitment partners across South Africa, which allows us to tap into multiple markets where candidate skills may be located. We also utilise our central database, which has been built up over the years, and thus we deliver top calibre candidates in the shortest possible time Our portfolio has been refined to ensure we can fully satisfy the demands of all our clients in today’s short-skilled market.
We offer 90-day guarantee based on terms and conditions on all our placements.


Contract recruitment (clients payroll)

The ability to make good decisions regarding the sourcing and deployment of people, represents one of the last reliable sources of a competitive advantage. We at Beyond 4.0 Talent believe we already offer this advantage for organizations looking for the right skills.


Our procedure

Detailed and confidential information should be shared and communicated to us by the client in order to ensure that we understand the role.

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Detailed and confidential information should be shared and communicated to us by the client in order to ensure that we understand the role.

Our recruitment methods

To ensure that we recruit the best candidates in their fields, we have a recruitment approach that covers the entire market, ensuring that our clients choose among the best. We employ the following methods in our recruitment:
Database: Our database consists of thousands of highly skilled professionals in various fields. This is our first point of reference as it is a hub for candidates that we have previously dealt with and whose backgrounds we have verified. Even though at times we do find that these candidates are not suitable for a current client’s assignment, they are still good networking points as they know people in their respective industries.

Internet sites: It is a known fact that due to time constraints and the growing need for convenience, more and more candidates are going online to find their next career. For this reason, we use the most reputable of these career sites in order to be accessible to our candidates and have a wider reach for our clients’ assignments.

background checks: We understand that in hiring a new employee, our clients need to have a peace of mind in knowing who they are employing and investing in. As such we do our background checks through MIE.


Our work ethics

  • Communication

We create and establish communication and maintain regular contact throughout the search: regular meetings, strategic review sessions and consultations to ensure a clear understanding of client companies.

  • Confidentiality and Relationship

The effectiveness of our work depends on a detailed understanding of our client's strategies, policies, procedures, office technology, dynamics, personalities, corporate culture and management style. We therefore respect absolute confidentiality when dealing with sensitive information provided to us by either the client or candidates. It is our objective to build a long-standing relationship with our client based on trust and integrity and thereby build on the client's standards and values.


Our clients

As Beyond 4.0 Talent aims to maintain and develop long-term business relationships with our clients, we make it our principle to understand the way our clients manage their businesses. We have customised our ability to be able to identify skilled and professional candidates, and our clients are ensured that we will deliver only the best.



We are open to any partnership, kindly get in contact with us in order to discuss the deal.

Beyond 4.0 Talent

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